We Fully Recommend Baxi Boilers 

As you can see from the images below a Baxi Netatec Boiler will fit very neatly into an average sized kitchen cupboard which means the finished job is extremely tidy.

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Below shows a Baxi Duo Tec with the front cover removed.  It is an extremely well built boiler which is very easy to service and maintain.

Baxi BoilerThe Baxi Duo Tec boiler comes with a standard Seven year guarantee. 

In the unlikely event that a problem occurs, all you have to do is contact us, and we will do the rest.

Baxi aftercare is looked after by Heateam which in my opinion are second to none.

They are trained specifically on Baxi Boilers and are able to fix the problem on the first visit 95% of the time.  They answer our call in double quick time and always manage to call out the next working day even in very busy periods to a boiler that has broken down.

I have never experienced a member of heateam trying to blame the fault on things like dirt in the system etc... I have experienced this with other boiler companies which has always proved to be incorrect.  Sorry, I do not wish to name these companies due to legal reasons but they are well-known boiler companies.

If the fault is less serious the time scale may be slightly longer.

The reason I advise a Baxi Boiler is that I want my customers to be completely happy with the product that they have chosen not only when they have the job carried out but for the next 10 to 20 years.  If this is the case then hopefully that customer will continue to use my services for all their Plumbing and Gas needs in the future.  If I recommended a boiler that proved to be unreliable then I would surely lose all respect from that customer.  This is a gamble I would not take therefore I sincerely hope you make the right choice when choosing your boiler.

We have a very close relationship with a Baxi Representative who is always close at hand if there are any difficulties.

Even when the warranty does expire and the boiler starts getting older it is a Comfort to know that we are still keen to service and maintain your boiler throughout its entire lifespan.  Another great comfort is that in my experience 90% of Baxi parts are less costly to replace than their competitors.  You do not get to know the real story about any boiler until it starts to go wrong.  That is when you discover how costly it will be to repair and also if needed, how much help you can get from the Manufacturer.  Obviously I do not expect you as a customer to know the answers to these issues but as I have been doing this kind of work in excess of thirty years I do.   It is this kind of after-sales service, reliability and efficiency that has kept me a loyal and dedicated Baxi Installer.

Finally, the choice is yours and we are happy to give a free written quote to install any boiler you choose,  I only want to provide you with all the information possible and then go with whatever you wish.  Regardless of whatever you choose we will always be there to try our best to help you in the future.

 contact us and we'll be happy to supply a quote.